What Counts

What Counts

November 12, 2020

I’ve got a good idea what’s on the minds of Edmonton Strathcona residents.

I know what counts.

It’s jobs. The economy. Our kids’ future. Getting back to work. Building a future for us all, but especially for our youth and newly graduated students.

Yes, fighting and beating the pandemic, protecting our seniors and most vulnerable and getting through this – these are top of mind as well. But at the end of the day, after we push through this – and we will - we need a plan to kick-start the economy.

That’s what counts the most in Edmonton Strathcona today.

How do I know that?  I’m just about to start my 8th month of campaigning for the Conservative nomination in this federal riding. Eight months of hard work.  

We have a volunteer team of 30+ people. We’ve visited 38,000 homes since mid-May, dropping brochures and chatting with people we come across. I’m reaching out via Zoom, telephone and emails to Conservative members, leaders of the Francophone community, small businesses, ethnic groups and community league members.

And everywhere we go, we hear the same thing: Let’s get to work!

 That’s what counts. But that’s not what our current Member of Parliament for Edmonton Strathcona, a federal New Democratic Party member, spends her time talking about.

Heather McPherson, NDP MP, spends her time in the House of Commons attacking the Alberta provincial government. Since her election just over a year ago, she’s risen in the House more than 50 times to complain about the UCP government. It would appear she thinks the provincial NDP needs some help on that front.

That’s not all. She’s greeted friends from Extinction Rebellion on Parliament Hill and posted pics of that on her Twitter account.

Source: Global News Edmonton

Last month she asked the federal Liberal gov’t to cut off federal health transfers to Alberta in protest against measures that the Alberta government was taking to reduce costs in the health care sector.

That’s right. During a pandemic.

Think about this: the Edmonton Strathcona MP wants to cut off federal funding of health care in our province because she disagrees with the provincial government’s health care policy. Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/RickPetersonCA/status/1320758093488246784.

Wait, there’s more. Ms. McPherson wants to shut down the energy sector. She supported a federal Liberal budget that ignored Alberta’s interests. She supported the Liberal prorogation of Parliament. She supported shutting down the committees investigating the WE scandal.

Those are not things that count to people on the streets of Edmonton Strathcona.

I would like nothing more than to represent Edmonton Strathcona in Ottawa as our next Member of Parliament. I would bring my private sector experience, my perspective as a small business owner, and my 30 years experience helping finance and working with Canada’s leading growth companies as your voice at the table of a Conservative government.

I’d like to help create jobs. Attract investment capital. Make Edmonton Strathcona the tech start-up capital of Canada. Make us the leader in supporting energy transition to hydrogen and nuclear. Help find funding for Campus Saint-Jean and make it flourish and continue to have it as a crown jewel of our riding. Get our small businesses back on track. Help fill the empty commercial and retail space on Whyte Avenue.

Those are my priorities.

This is what counts for me.


- Rick Peterson


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