Strong Alberta Show In Shadow Cabinet

Strong Alberta Show In Shadow Cabinet

September 08, 2020

On Tuesday Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole unveiled our party’s shadow cabinet, which features nine Members of Parliament from Alberta. We all know that regional representation is of growing concern for Albertans, which I why I am so pleased to see the following MP’s take on their new roles:

  • Greg Mclean (Calgary Centre): Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and CanNor. I couldn’t think of a better person to control this file. As a former capital markets colleague and someone keenly aware of how the natural resource portfolio and capital markets go hand-in-hand, Greg is a going to be a strong voice for Canada’s resource sector. There’s no better person for this job.

  • James Cumming (Edmonton Centre): Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Industry. Coming out of COVID, this is a tremendously key portfolio. Innovation and Science are key to Canada’s future prosperity. James will handle this with aplomb.

  • Michelle Rempel Garner (Calgary Nose Hill): Shadow Minister For Health – huge experience in the sector prior to becoming an MP, and one of the most prepared and aggressive MPs on any file that she takes on. Hugely key role in the shadow cabinet in the months ahead.

  • Dane Lloyd (Sturgeon River- Parkland): Shadow Minister for Digital Government – congrats to Dane on this super interesting portfolio. Digital access for rural and especially northern Canadians is a key to future growth and prosperity.

  • Garnett Genius (Sherwood Park- Fort Saskatchewan): Shadow Minister for International Development and Human Rights – a hugely all-encompassing and tremendously important portfolio that Garnett’s more than ready to tackle.

  • Shannon Stubbs (Lakeland): Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness – kudos to Shannon for taking on a key portfolio that those of us who are licensed firearms owners will be thrilled to see her take on and stand up and defend our rights.

  • Pat Kelly (Calgary Rocky Ridge): Shadow Minister for Small Business and Western Economic Diversification – the heart of Canada’s economy – and our hopes for a successful relaunch – is small business. And nowhere more important than here in the West.

  • Jag Sahota (Calgary Skyview): Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality – this is a portfolio that will be highlighted often, I know, in Edmonton Strathcona. Hugely important to us.

  • Stephanie Kusie (Calgary Mindapore): Shadow Minister for Transport – Stephanie’s quickly built a reputation of someone who Gets Stuff Done – and no doubt the key area of transport critic is one that needs it. She’ll be very strong and bring a much-needed western perspective on this.

And kudos to Alberta MPs Tim Uppal (Edmonton Mill Woods) and Tom Kmiec (Calgary Shepard) for their appointments last week as Caucus-Party Liaison and Conservative National Caucus Chair respectively.

With these new appointments, three other Alberta MPs deserve thanks for their work in shadow cabinet positions under former leader Andrew Scheer: John Barlow; Matt Jeneroux: and  Ziad Aboultaif.

This is a strong showing of Alberta MPs in key positions in the Conservative opposition that Erin O’Toole will bring back to Parliament with him on September 23rd.

As you know, we currently have 33 Conservative MPs in Alberta in our 34 ridings.

The lone exception is the NDP Member of Parliament in Edmonton Strathcona. We’re are working hard to win this seat back and turn Alberta a solid Conservative blue.

Thanks for your help.


- Rick Peterson


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