My "Back-to-Work" Plan for Edmonton Strathcona

July 09, 2020

The past four months have hammered every single small business and every single resident of Edmonton Strathcona.

Shops are shuttered. Sales have dried up. Jobs have been lost. Savings accounts have been drained. Layoffs and furloughs abound.

I run a small business myself. One that thrives on our clients travelling across Canada and meeting investors in hopes of raising capital. That’s come to a dead stop. I feel the same pain that everyone else is feeling.

Yes, the federal government deserves credit for throwing a lifeline out to help us all as we’ve been tossed overboard in these rough seas. But a lifeline is not a plan. It is temporary, runs out quickly, and needs to be replace with a bridge.

We need a plan to grow the economy and get us back on our feet again. We need to make sure that this plan helps every single person in Edmonton Strathcona.

If elected as the next Conservative MP for Edmonton Strathcona, my #1 priority will be to be a strong, bold voice at the table in the next Conservative government calling for measures to relaunch our economy.

Here’s what I’ll be advocating for on behalf of Edmonton Strathcona:

  1. Aggressive income tax cuts for every single small and large business in our riding. Whether you own a dog grooming salon, a dry-cleaning business, a restaurant, a law practice or a hair salon, we need the federal gov’t to get off your back and let you grow your business and invest in your future.
  2. Personal income tax cuts: let’s cut back on the amount of money the federal gov’t takes from your pocket. Did you know that Ottawa’s operating expenses – including salaries, pensions, benefits to federal civil servants – are $14 billion ahead of what they gov’t planned even prior to the pandemic? Let’s make Ottawa cut back and leave that money to you.
  3. Better childcare support: let’s work with private sector employers and help them create facilities so young parents can fully get back to the work force without sacrificing quality child care. This is the top thing we can do to quickly get qualified people back to work.
  4. Tech-start ups: Let’s make Edmonton Strathcona the tech start-up capital of Canada. Here are my thoughts on this from last week.
  5. Skills training: let’s work with workers in every sector to upgrade and improve skills, and focus on energy sector works as we go down the path of energy transition to a greener economy that will still employ the best techniques and ESG standards to develop our oil and gas assets.

If now is not the time to be bold, then when? If now is not the time to double down on attracting investments, good people and great ideas to Edmonton Strathcona, then when?

And if not the Conservatives, then who?

It’s hard to believe a strong plan will come from the Liberal government. They’ve run five straight deficits leading into the pandemic and have failed to meet every budget target they’ve laid out. The Prime Minister has been crossed the line of proper ethical boundaries three times. In my business, if you do that once, you’re barred from the investment industry.

The NDP, with our local MP at the front, has backed Justin Trudeau in all his actions. They’ve suspended Parliament. They have no economic plan. They have a long wish list of grievances and appeals for more taxpayer money, but they have no plan. They are silent on plans to help people who sign their names on the front of cheques.

Let’s get Edmonton Strathcona back to work. Let’s get our voices – your voices – at the table in Ottawa.

Join me. Help me. Let’s get it done.


- Rick Peterson


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