Rick Peterson

A Modern, Conservative Voice for Edmonton Strathcona

As President of Edmonton-based Peterson Capital, I have more than 30 years of experience in Canada's investment industry. We help finance and support Canada's leading growth companies as they compete in local, national, and global markets.

More than ever, this experience will be helpful to me as your Member of Parliament for Edmonton Strathcona.

The COVID-19 pandemic has focused our attention on the need to rapidly grow our economy, and to help everyone get back to work. To do this, short term government help is essential. Over the long term, we need the government to help the private sector create jobs, prosperity, and wealth. Our retirement, health care system, and prospects for future generations all depend upon it. As a husband, father of four adult children, and a grandfather, I fully understand the challenges and priorities of all families in Edmonton Strathcona.

I have a robust and realistic plan to attract investment, jobs, and economic growth to Edmonton Strathcona. You can read about it here.

As a University of Alberta alumni, I know that our highly educated, ethnically diverse, and entrepreneurial students and residents can play a big role in getting Canada back on track.

As a member of the national championship University of Alberta Golden Bears hockey team, I know how powerful a culture of winning and teamwork can achieve amazing things.

I'm fluently bilingual, having lived in France for 10 years earlier in life, and I am a graduate of the Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. Our francophone community in Edmonton Strathcona is the strongest in the city. Je vais travailler pour la rendre encore plus forte que jamais.

I know what hard work is all about and I know what it takes to build success from the grassroots up. That's what I'm committed to doing in Edmonton Strathcona. That’s why our campaign has visited 38,000 homes since May of last year. We are ready – right now – to win this riding for the Conservative Party of Canada in the next federal election.

What do I bring to the residents of Edmonton Strathcona?

I'm a lifelong Conservative volunteer, campaign worker, fundraiser, EDA board member, and former CPC leadership candidate.

I have a track record of support for both progressive and social conservative voices, including members of my core campaign team, that has allowed me to build a strong, blue Conservative tent in the riding.

Hands-on experience running a national business for the past 20 years that helps finance and support Canada’s fastest-growing companies. You can learn more about that on my Peterson Capital website.

A track record of 30-years as a Conservative Party of Canada Member, fundraiser, campaign volunteer, grassroots supporter, and leadership candidate in 2017 and 2020. Here is a link to a news profile from my 2017 leadership campaign, and here is a link to a story on my 2020 leadership campaign, which was cut short when the COVID pandemic stopped all travel and campaigning in March of last year.

The ability to communicate fluently in both Official Languages – I lived in France for 10 years earlier in life, completed graduate school there, and worked in Paris for the Wall Street Journal.

A strong and youthful campaign team of Conservatives that I have attracted from across Edmonton who are committed to winning in Edmonton Strathcona.

Conservatives know it’s time for a change in Edmonton Strathcona. It’s time to win.

Please join me as we write the next chapter in Edmonton Strathcona. One that will see your voice – a modern, Conservative voice – be heard in Ottawa when the Conservative Party of Canada forms government after the next federal election.


- Rick Peterson