Rick Peterson

A Modern, Conservative Voice for Edmonton Strathcona

As President of Edmonton-based Peterson Capital, I have more than 30 years experience in Canada's investment industry. We help finance and support Canada's leading growth companies as they compete in local, national and global markets.

More than ever, this experience will be helpful to me as your Member of Parliament for Edmonton Strathcona.

The COVID-19 pandemic has focused our attention on the need to rapidly grow our economy back and help everyone get back to work. Short term government help is essential. But over the long term, we need government to help the private sector create the jobs, prosperity and wealth that all of us require. Our retirement, health care system and prospects for future generations all depend upon it.

As a University of Alberta alumni, I know that our highly educated, ethnically diverse and entrepreneurial students and residents can play a big role in getting Canada back on track.

As a member of a national championship University of Alberta Golden Bears hockey team, I know how powerful a culture of winning and teamwork can achieve amazing things.

I'm fluently bilingual, having lived in France for 10 years earlier in life, and am a graduate of the Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. Our francophone community in Edmonton Strathcona is the strongest in the city. Je vais travailler pour la rendre encore plus forte que jamais.

I'm already at work. On the ground, meeting Conservatives in our neighborhood. I know what it takes to build success, from the grassroots up. That's what I'm committed to doing in Edmonton Strathcona.

I'm a lifelong Conservative volunteer, campaign worker, fundraiser, EDA board member and former CPC leadership candidate. In 2018 I founded Suits and Boots, a national non-profit group that supports Canada's resource sector workers and their families.

  • I'm a strong advocate for cutting income tax rates for small businesses. I’m in favour of a single, flat personal federal income tax rate.
  • I believe climate change is real, and needs to be addressed.
  • Canada's heaviest emitters of GHG emissions should be taxed but Trudeau's carbon tax on individuals and small businesses should be scrapped.
  • Supply management should be scrapped.
  • We must defend law-abiding firearms owners.
  • I am strongly pro-choice and have marched in Pride parades for decades.
  • I strongly believe social conservative views must be heard and respected in our Party.
  • Grassroots Conservative volunteers, fundraisers and organizers must be treated with respect and support by CPC Party headquarters.

Since May of this year, our campaign team has visited more than 38,000 homes in Edmonton Strathcona. We’ve listened, learned and had conversations with hundreds of residents who tell us that the federal NDP and federal Liberals don’t speak for their concerns.

It’s time for a change in Edmonton Strathcona.

Please join me as we're about to write the next chapter in Edmonton Strathcona. One that will see your voice – a modern, Conservative voice – be heard in Ottawa at the table when the Conservative Party of Canada forms government after the next federal election.


- Rick Peterson