Five Key Questions for the Liberal Government

January 25, 2021

Parliament returns this week. It’s time the Liberal government answered some tough questions.

Here are five of them that need to be answered on behalf of the residents of Edmonton Strathcona:

  1. What is our national vaccine plan moving forward and what steps are going to be taken to overcome our lag in procurement? Canada has, as of today, vaccinated only 2.12% of the population, which puts us in 18th place globally. Given the importance of vaccines and the vital role they will play in ending the pandemic, this simply isn’t good enough. Canadians from coast to coast have stayed home, and masked up when they couldn’t, for 10 months. The federal government owes it to everyone who has done their part to move heaven and earth on vaccine procurement. Canadians deserve better. The UK has already vaccinated over 10% of their population, and approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, something that Health Canada is still reviewing. In my opinion, Health Canada should, based on the principles of reciprocity, approve the AstraZeneca vaccine immediately so that more vaccines can be made available to Canadians. This would also greatly help us overcome the current Pfizer shortages.

  2. When will the Liberal government finally stand up to China? The Two Michaels have been detained for over 2 years now, in what is likely to be horrific conditions. In comparison, Huawei’s CFO has been living under house arrest in a multi-million dollar mansion, with her family being given travel exemptions to come and visit her in Vancouver. I would specifically ask my Liberal counterparts what their plan is to have the two Michaels returned, safely, to their families.

    I think it is important that Canadians take a strong stance on the treatment of the Uyghur people in China, and call their treatment what is is: a genocide. Conservative MP  Michael Chong deserves a lot of credit for clearly articulating how China’s system of concentration camps, forced labour and sterilizations, are in fact genocide.

  3. What is the Liberal government going to do in response to the cancellation of Keystone XL? The Trudeau government, with the help of Conservatives like Rona Ambrose, successfully defended our trading relationship in renegotiating NAFTA against Trump’s protectionist instincts. We fought tooth and nail to defend NAFTA. Shouldn’t we also be doing the same to defend Keystone? On top of that, the Biden Administration is expected to enact “Buy American” provisions, which could threaten our $725 billion trading relationship. Simply put, what is Ottawa doing to ensure that we aren’t bogged down by trade war style protectionism? The last thing Canadians need as we try and recover from Covid19 is the dissolving of our most important and impactful trading relationship.

  4. What is the Liberal plan to kick-start the economy? Once the pandemic is behind us, part of “building back better” needs to focus on how we can spark the engine of our economy. I’d press the government for detailed plans on how we are going to get everyone back to work again. This plan must include lower taxes and more competition in the banking and telecom sector.

  5. What are the Liberals doing to help Canada’s working parents back on the job? As the pandemic still drags on, we need a rapid acceleration of measures that will encourage private sector employers to invest in day care facilities either on-site of off-site for working parents who are forced to stay at home and look after their kids. A national, government-sponsored daycare program would be too cumbersome, too slow and too costly to unveil. We need something now – and leveraging private sector expertise in getting things done is the way to go.

Vaccines, jobs, the economy and getting working families back on their feet. That’s what’s key in our riding, and across Canada.

Let’s see if the Liberals have any answers to these five key questions.


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