Daily Roundup: Sept 8, 2020

September 08, 2020

We hope you had a great long weekend. Here is Rick’s Roundup for September 8th

  • Erin O’Toole announced his shadow cabinet, and it is an impressive list that incorporates MPs from across Canada. Importantly, Erin has elevated several Alberta MPs to critical roles, which is vital for ensuring western representation. Congratulations to everyone who has been given a shadow cabinet position, but a special congratulations to the following Alberta MPs:
    • Michelle Rempel-Garner
    • Dane Lloyd
    • James Cumming
    • Garnett Genius
    • Greg Mclean
    • Shannon Stubbs
    • Pat Kelly
    • Jag Sahota
    • Stephanie Kusie

  • There has been a lot of talk about how Canada’s recovery from Covid 19 should be a Green Recovery. What is largely missing from the environmental conversation is the role of nuclear power, specifically modular reactors (SMRs). This article in the Financial Post highlights how SMRs work. If we are going to be talking about protecting the environment, we can’t forget nuclear power. Take California, for example. In their most recent heatwave, they’ve had to implement rolling blackouts due to energy mismanagement. SMRs can help ensure that energy production is both consistent and environmentally friendly. Fun fact, Alberta’s last nuclear reactor was actually in Edmonton Strathcona.

  • In today’s Financial Post William Watson makes an excellent point about the focus on a green recovery. He rightly points out that a green recovery, and the mantra of “Build Back Better” fails to acknowledge the people who have been hurt the most from Covid19. Unfortunately, it looks like the prospect of a green recovery fails to do much for the pilots, flight attendants, chefs, servers and retail workers who have suffered the most. That makes you wonder, should we be focusing on building back better? Or getting back to work safely? It would seem that a focus on the latter would actually help those who need it most.

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