Daily Roundup: Sept 4, 2020

September 04, 2020

Here is today's roundup:

  • Rick was published in today’s Financial Post, highlighting why we need to resist the urge to over-regulate the gig-economy, especially in our Covid19 recovery. If you are interested in the sharing economy and how it is regulated, we highly recommend you give his article a read.

  • Conservative MPs have put forward a request that the Languages Commissioner review the WE contract on the grounds that the program would not have been offered in both official languages. This is very important to Rick, given his commitment to bilingualism, his fluency in French, and the strong Francophone community in Edmonthon Strathcona.

  • The Globe and Mail published this great article about Erin O’Toole highlighting how he is a different type of Conservative leader. This quote is just a snippet of what the article was about:
    “He is bullish on immigration, especially through reuniting families. He would end the ban on blood donations from gay men. He’s prepared to take a decade to balance the budget. He actually understands and cares about foreign policy.”
  • Lastly, the Globe’s editorial board cautioned Canadians against forgetting about the WE scandal. Wise words for sure, which leaves us scratching our heads as to why the NDP has propped up this government.

News and events of interest to supporters of Rick Peterson’s Edmonton Strathcona campaign – compiled by David Clement, Senior Policy Advisor


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