Daily Roundup: Sept 24, 2020

September 24, 2020

Hi everyone, here is Rick's Roundup for September 24th

  • Yesterday's throne speech was bizarre. Prime Minister Trudeau asked for a prime time slot to address the nation, assuring networks that he wasn't making the request for a political address. Unfortunately it looks like network executives got dupped, with Trudeau's address largely reiterating his partisan talking points from the earlier throne speech. That said, his speech did have two core themes: a commitment to larger government, and a commitment to being vague. The combination of the two is a huge problem. You can advocate for any government program you want, but treat Canadians with respect and clearly outline how you are going to pay for it. That is something that was largely missing from yesterday's throne speech and national address.


  • This great article in the Globe explains the fiscal reckoning that is coming Ottawa's way. The author highlights how now is the time to do a full review of government spending, much like PM Chretien did in 1995. It would be great if the Trudeau government could engage in a full review like Chretien. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they will.


  • The throne speech did, however, make a concrete commitment to extend the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy until the summer of 2021. Helping businesses impacted by the pandemic is important, however, we worry that CEWS isn't properly means tested. We know from speaking with folks in private equity that many businesses are taking the wage subsidy simply because they qualify, but not because they need to or because profits are down. That is a big problem, especially if this continues on into 2021.


  • And lastly, Canada needs rapid Covid19 tests, and we need them ASAP! As Erin O'Toole rightly pointed out, if we can trust a country like Germany with our national security, why can't we trust and approve their rapid saliva tests? Our economic recovery depends on being able to quickly test for Covid19, without having people wait in hour long lines, or waiting days for results. This is especially true with winter on the horizon. Can you imagine waiting in line, outdoors, for 2+ hours to get a Covid test in January?

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