Daily Roundup: Sept 21, 2020

September 21, 2020

Hi everyone, here is Rick's Roundup for September 21st

  • In today's Globe and Mail a fantastic op-ed was published outlining how our path forward should focus on growing our economy. The article explains how Canada needs to be a leader on 5G, remain committed to free trade, remove barriers for entrepreneurs, use SMRs to tackle climate change, and attract world class talent to Canada. 


  • This article in the Financial Post highlights some interesting comments from AIMCo's Chair Mark Wiseman:
    • “For us to stand up and say we’re no longer going to produce oil — that’s not an option,” said Wiseman, who said that transporting crude in pipelines is more efficient and environmentally friendly than doing so by rail. “That wasn’t an option before COVID and it’s not an option in a post-COVID world.”
    • “We’ve created this big hole and the only way to fill that hole is through growth,” he said. “Or we’re going to cripple a generation of Canadians
    • “The government isn’t going to create the next Shopify, but it can help create the conditions where the next 10 flourish in this country,”

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