Daily Roundup: Sept 16, 2020

September 16, 2020

Hi everyone, here is Rick's Roundup for September 16th

  • Last night Rick published a fantastic op-ed outlining the problems with a Universal Basic Income. A must read for for anyone interested in the subject.


  • Our Heritage Minister wants to force social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to pay news outlets every time a news link is shared on their platform. This proposal does not make any sense at all. Social media platforms drive a tremendous amount of web traffic to the websites of newspapers, which is how they make their advertising money. It does not make any sense to try and force Facebook to pay newspapers when all they are doing is sending these outlets free traffic.


  • A great article in today's Financial Post outlining how the Trudeau government needs to get a handle on spending. “It cannot be overstated that control of debt service costs is essential to maintaining social and economic programs and keeping the tax burden on the middle class at reasonable levels,”


  • Gary Mason with the Globe has published an article about climate change and the recent forest fires in California. If we care about climate change, we absolutely have to incorporate nuclear power and small modular reactors. 


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