Daily Roundup: Sept 11, 2020

September 11, 2020

Hi Everyone, here is Rick's Roundup for September 11th

  • The CMHC is forecasting that mortgage delinquencies are going to be up in the coming months. This is a really worrying trend, and is more proof that we need to focus on getting Canadians back to work safely. We could be in a world of trouble otherwise.


  • A BC court has ruled that restrictions against private healthcare do not violate the constitutional rights of patients. This is an unfortunate ruling, not because we want Canada’s healthcare system to be more like the United States, but because we want our system to be more like Europe. The proposals presented in regards to patient choice and access are pretty much the standard for most European countries, which ironically outperform the Canadian system on most metrics. You can have access to private care and still have the system be universal and equitable. European countries like France are a perfect example of that.


  • A great article by John Ivison in today’s National Post highlights that a new series of taxes are coming in the upcoming Throne Speech. Ivison explains that in order to meet climate targets, Ottawa will want to implement new forms of a carbon tax to tackle emissions. This is obviously going to hit low income Canadians the hardest.

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