Daily Roundup: Sept 10, 2020

September 10, 2020

Hi everyone, here is Rick’s Roundup for September 10th:

  • The Globe and Mail has published an op-ed that floats the idea of a fall election. Whenever the election happens, the Rick Peterson team is ready to go! The team has already dropped 30,000 brochures in the riding, done voter ID, fundraised, and built a strong team of volunteers.

  • The Globe is also reporting that according to the UN, atmospheric levels of C02 are at an all time high. News like this furthers our need to discuss nuclear power, specifically small modular reactors. Nuclear power is a game changer when it comes to protecting the environment.

  • This op-ed highlights the need for childcare in Canada’s Covid19 recovery. Rick couldn’t agree more. While this is largely a provincial issue, Rick will be coming out with a policy proposal to help working families find affordable childcare. More on that soon!

  • Lastly, Heritage Minister Guilbeault has said that he plans on introducing new taxes for online platforms like Netflix and Spotify, with additional Canadian content requirements. It is a shame that our Heritage Minister has such an outdated view on how to regulate these platforms. Erin O’Toole, rightly, responded to the news of this with “no government should get to control what you can read, see, and watch online”.

News and events of interest to supporters of Rick Peterson’s Edmonton Strathcona campaign – compiled by David Clement, Senior Policy Advisor


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