July 14, 2020

Edmonton Strathcona is a bellwether riding for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Our riding is the only one in Alberta not held by the CPC. The NDP have held on to it since 2008, the lone orange dot in a sea of 33 blue Conservative-held seats.

More importantly, the diversity and mix of Edmonton Strathcona’s residents, businesses, students and young professionals mirror many urban ridings in Canada that can move the needle for the Conservative Party of Canada. 

If we can win Edmonton Strathcona, we can win other ridings like it in Vancouver, Toronto/GTA and even in Montreal. This would signify a strong breakthrough for our Party.

Here’s a video on how I see it:

For the past two months, my campaign team has been working hard to build a base of Conservative support in the riding. Our goal is to win the CPC nomination contest, whenever it’s called, and then go on to win in the next federal election.       


I’ve met and spoken to several hundred residents of Edmonton Strathcona over these past weeks, even with the constraints imposed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are top three subjects, by a long shot, that keep coming back, which give you an indication of why we are in great shape to turn this riding Conservative blue:

  1. Debt – every single time I chat with someone who is already a Conservative Party member, the subject of debt management comes up. It’s clear the Trudeau government has no plan for debt reduction, and has gone into the pandemic with the cupboard bare. This is an issue that we can own, and bringing in fiscal prudence as Conservatives will be widely welcomed everywhere.
  2. Energy Sector – Edmonton Stratchona has many young professionals in the energy sector, with the Strathcona Refinery on the north-eastern edge of the riding. There’s tremendous support for the energy sector, but there is an equally as strong understanding of the need to diversify and invest in other areas, such as nuclear and hydrogen.
  3. Job creation – having a plan that attracts jobs and investment into the economy of Edmonton Strathcona will be key . Getting young parents back into the workforce is an absolutely huge priority to kick-starting the economy in a post-COVID recovery.

So, we’re working hard. Out on the streets every day of every week, and will be from now until the end of the summer.

This is how elections are won. Doing the long, hard hours going door-to-door months before any election is called.

And that’s what we’re doing. And that’s why we’re going to win.


- Rick Peterson


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