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Rick Peterson is running to be the next MP for Edmonton Strathcona. Winning in Edmonton Strathcona means winning in urban, eclectic ridings across Canada.

It all starts here. With bold ideas. With leadership skills in business and politics.

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Q: Where is Rick running? What is Edmonton Strathcona?

A: Strathcona is a federal riding inside of the City of Edmonton. You are represented by a Member of Parliament (MP) in Ottawa. In order to run in the next election, Rick must secure the nomination first. Only members who live in the riding can vote in the nomination contest. You can check if you live in Edmonton Strathcona by checking the Elections Canada's website

Q: Why do I need to be a member to vote for Rick?

A: To run in the next election, Rick must first secure the nomination. Buying a membership allows you to choose Rick as the nomination candidate. Click here to buy a membership.

Q: When is the nomination contest?

A: It has not been scheduled yet, but you will be informed by email when the date is set if you subscribe to Rick's mailing list.

Q: What if there is a fall election?

A: It is not currently known what will happen if there is an early election this fall. Everyone will be kept up to date by email, so subscribing to Rick's mailing list can ensure you receive the latest updates.

Q: I get a lot of emails already. How many will you send?

A: Normally, only 1 email is sent per week. If there is an important announcement, like the election date announcement, you may get another email in the same week.

Q: I subscribed but I don't see any emails from Rick. Did you get my registration?

A: The mostly likely explanation is the email was falsely flagged as spam. Check your spam or junk folder in your email program.

Q: I don't live in Edmonton Strathcona or even in Alberta. Can I still support Rick?

A: Absolutely! There is no restriction on donating to a different federal riding from the one you live in as long as you don't exceed the federal donation limit ($1625 per year). All other rules still apply, so please ensure your donation is made using your personal funds and not a corporate credit card. Edmonton Strathcona is a battleground riding so your donation is vital to being competitive. 

If you live close to Edmonton or another part of Edmonton, you can also sign up to volunteer. Just remember that when the nomination vote and the election come, you will be voting for your local candidate.

Q: What is your position on x?

A: If your topic was written about in The Bottom Line, Rick's blog, you can find his position there. If your question has not been answered, send an email using the address below. Please keep your question respectful.

Q: When I sign up, why do you ask for my address?

A: It helps Rick greatly knowing what part of the city (or country) you live in. If you don't want to give your full address, city and postal code are perfectly fine.

Q: I like your articles. Can I copy them to my website?

A: We would prefer you link to our website instead. If you wish to feature one of our articles on your media website, please use the media contact below to make the necessary arrangements.

Q: None of these FAQ's answered my question. How do I get an answer?

A: Use the email address listed below for general inquiries or media if you are a member of the press.