Rick Peterson has a bold plan to SUPERCHARGE Canada's economy and make the next 10 years the most exciting in Canadian history.

But we need to raise $300,000 and find 2,000 Conservative members to sign his nomination papers before March 25 to make him an official candidate.

Help get Rick on the ballot by signing his papers or making a donation!

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Creating Jobs and Prosperity

Canada needs a Prime Minister who understands the economy.

Oil prices are crashing. Billions of dollars in investments are fleeing Canada. The coronavirus threatens to slow down our economy.

As a successful businessman, I've spent my entire life creating jobs and prosperity in the private sector. I'm not another professional politician. I know what it takes to get the job done.

I've got a plan to SUPERCHARGE Canada's economy and create jobs and prosperity like you've never seen.

It's the plan Canada needs to undo the damage done by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. And I'm the only one in the race bold enough to do what needs to be done.


A Bold Conservative Plan

I am so optimistic about this campaign and about the future of our country.

Because I'm running a campaign that’s not about me. It's about the bold ideas that will supercharge our economy and make the next 10 years the best Canada's ever had.

Conservatives are ready for change. We're tired of leadership-by-focus-groups. We're tired of hiding from our beliefs. We're ready to be bold and win big.

I've got a bold Conservative plan. I'm ready to fight for Conservative ideas. Let's work together and get it done!


Ready to Win

Conservatives need to elect a leader with a bold vision for Canada. A leader who can defend their ideas passionately in both official languages. A leader with a relentless focus on creating jobs and prosperity for all Canadians.

If we pick a leader who is afraid to be bold on policy, we will lose. If we pick a leader who is “working to improve” their French, we will lose. If we pick a leader who wants to fight about divisive social issues, but is afraid to take a bold stance on economic issues, we will lose.

I'm ready to win. And if you're ready to win, I need you on my team. Let's unite to take down Justin Trudeau and elect a strong, stable, Conservative majority government!