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Let's Win in Edmonton Strathcona!

It’s time for Edmonton Strathcona Conservatives to finally back a winning campaign!

Our Party has been defeated by the NDP in Edmonton Strathcona in the last four federal elections: 2008; 2011; 2015; 2019.

Enough is enough.

But we can’t expect to win the next campaign with the same approach that has lost four in a row.

We need new energy. New ideas. A winning team. We need a strong candidate who can unite all Conservatives, beat the NDP and have a voice at the table in a Conservative government in Ottawa.

With your help we can win.

Join us Now. Invest $15 in a 1-year Conservative membership here to assure that your voice is heard when Edmonton Strathcona Conservatives chose their candidate for the next federal election.

Take a step forward with me. Let’s win, together.

What you can do

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We’ve raised $21,000 for Rick’s campaign, the maximum allowed by Elections Canada.
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